The Legacy of a Nurse Log

As I hiked through the Hoh Rain Forest, I read an interpretive sign that was placed by a funny looking tree with roots exposed as if it had grown on top of a rock that had been removed. The interpretive sign explained what a nurse log was. The forest floor can be a harsh environment […]

Headwaters of relationships

Jason kneeling at the headwaters of the Big Quilcene River

When I was growing up, I always thought it would be fun to hike up a river to try and find its origin. Several years ago, I was on a hike in the Olympic Mountains when we came upon water that was just bubbling up out of the ground. A friend explained that this bubbling brook is […]

Finding Treasure

I was recently asked the question, “What is your first memory of money?” As I started to think back to my childhood, I made it to about age five, when I remember swimming in a lake with my Mom and Dad. My Mom was sitting on the bank of the lake with my baby brother; […]