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Retirement does not have to be complicated

Imagine you just retired. You visit your mailbox to find year end statements and tax related documents for multiple accounts. You now realize that over a lifetime of saving and investing, you have more than twenty accounts at various financial institutions. At the time, making those investments made perfect sense, and there was a reason for […]

Jason R. Parker, President of Parker Financial LLC now a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP)

RICP ® is an advanced designation appropriate for individuals working in the retirement income planning field and for those with a general background in financial services. “We want to be sure we’re learning the most current & relevant changes to our industry so that we can best serve our customers. Pursuing education opportunities is one […]

Do you have a Sound Retirement Plan?

Having a Sound Retirement Plan ultimately comes down to getting the most lifetime satisfaction from your resources. Being too conservative could result in regrets of missed opportunities and a life that was never fully lived. Whereas being too aggressive may result in running out of money before you die and potentially becoming a burden to […]