Til Death Do Us Part


Before you say “I do”, get to know the financial side of your partner. Financial professional Jason Parker talked with KING5 about the four questions couples need to be asking before walking down the aisle. Q1: Are you a spender or saver?      Click here for a budget worksheet Q2: How much debt do […]

This Moment is the Gift

I recently had lunch with one of my favorite clients. During lunch I asked her about having a vision for the future. I’ve been thinking a lot about vision lately and re-evaluating my goals. Although I still believe goals are good, what she had to say has really stuck with me so I thought I […]

Congrats Class of 2018


  The Class of 2018 still has a lot to learn when it comes to financial matters! Many are relying on Mom & Dad to pay their bills, like groceries, insurance or rent. Financial professional Jason Parker talked with Q13 to share tips to help recent grads and their parents. Track Every Dollar Pay Down […]