All or Nothing in a Retirement Income Plan

Couple reading retirement plan

One of the challenges many people have when creating a retirement income plan is they meet with ten different financial advisers, and end up with ten different opinions about the right way to create a plan. Most of the disagreement among financial advisers will be based on which financial vehicles you should use to implement […]

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer lending is a simple idea. There are people who want to borrow money, and there are people who have money to lend (investors). Today there are websites that bring borrowers and investors together cutting out the bank as the middle man of the transaction. This efficiency has helped borrowers pay less interest and has helped […]

When a good defense IS the opportunity

I met a gentleman recently who asked me an important question. He said, “What are the investment opportunities you see on the horizon?” Opportunities always exist. In fact, Albert Einstein once said that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  As you look out into the economic landscape, you may feel a bit uncertain and […]