Mar 2018 Quick Clicks for the Financial World

Read these quick articles to get the current heartbeat of the financial world KITCES: Nerd’s Eye View: Does Monte Carlo Analysis Actually Overstate Tail Risk in Retirement Projections? Merriman: How the TAP Annuity Works for Washington State Employees Advisor Perspectives: The Power and Limitations of Monte Carlo Simulations USA Today: Double taxation? These 13 states tax your Social Security […]

Have you saved enough to retire?

Many of the people I’ve met over the years want re-assurance that they will be able to enjoy the same lifestyle in retirement as they have had during their working years. Retirement is an exercise in cash-flow. The simplest version of a good retirement plan is simply making sure your monthly income will match, or […]

March 3: Change your dial to 820AM THE WORD for Sound Retirement Radio

Starting Saturday, March 3, Sound Retirement Radio will begin airing on a new radio station at a new time and on a new day. NEW Time: 12:30pm NEW Day: Saturdays NEW Station: 820AM THE WORD And you can always listen whenever you’d like at