314 The Ultimate Social Security Podcast

In this episode I’ve compiled 10 years of interviews with Kirk Larson who is a public affairs specialist with the social security administration. Below are some of the topics we cover. When should you file for your social security retirement benefits.What is the best time to file for social security.How early can I file for […]

313 Backdoor Roth IRA

In this episode Jason talks about the Backdoor Roth IRA. Below are 3 important updates: 1.) You can now ask a question using the orange button to the right.2.) RBCCARES Coupon expires May 31st 2020. (50% off the retirement budget calculator)3.) Join the RBC Nerds private Facebook group. Click Here. Below are a few links […]

311 The Ultimate DIY Retirement Planning Podcast

This episode is for the DIY retirement planning community. Below are the 10 areas of retirement planning that we cover in this podcast. 1) Questions to ask before you retire2) Purpose3) Budget / Spending4) One time cash-flow events5) Income sources6) Sound Retirement Income Score7) Life expectancy8) Taxes9) Investments10) Insurance