Resources — CD rates with personal finance advice — a free rating report on the financial strength of banks and credit unions — review the FDIC’s frequently asked questions, which should help clarify what is and is not covered by FDIC — to check on the financial strength of the insurance company offering your annuity — for buying your U.S. Savings bonds and I Bonds — for comparing life and health insurance agencies — free Internet tool that can do the categorizing of your expenses for you — online tools for determining life expectancy — a quick way to help uncover all of the fees you are paying on mutual funds — use its long-term care calculator to find out what percentage of people with similar histories needed long-term care and what percentage did not and the average time and average amount of money spent on long-term care — visit this website to get an idea of how much long-term care insurance premiums cost

Budget Data Gathering Form — visit this page to download the budget data gathering sheet

Social Security Retirement Income — Maximize Your Social Security Retirement Income.  Try our free Social Security Calculator. — Learn more about the pros and cons of Annuities. — Final Expense for people in the State of Washington. — The unofficial FERS retirement and benefits guide.

John Hancock Life Expectancy Calc. – Life Expectancy Calculator

Retirement Budget Calculator – Create a better spending plan as you prepare to retire.