In this podcast episode Jason talks about tax planning ideas as you prepare to retire and transition into and through retirement. Topics discussed are as follows:

Recent Tax Reform
Tax Savvy withdrawals
Where you live matters
HSA – Health Savings Accounts
Roth conversions
Reverse mortgages for tax free income
Social Security for tax efficient income
Keeping income low for the ACA and IRMAA
Charitable giving
Transferring wealth to generations

Resources and links mentioned in this podcast.

Corona Virus Debt:

National Debt Clock:

13 States that Tax Social Security Benefits:

What are the best states to retire for taxes:

Health Savings Accounts:

Paying for Medicare Part B with HSA

IRS: Q&A on the ACA Premium Tax Credit:,based%20on%20a%20sliding%20scale.

Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)

Income Taxes and Your Social Security Benefit:

How are social security benefits taxed:

Donating retirement assets to charity:

Donor Advised Funds:
Podcast Episode #221 Donor Advised Funds with Joe Eelkema with the National Christian Foundation

Additional Resources:
Can you convert Covid distribution to a Roth: