341 Buy Low Sell High

Sound Retirement Planning Podcast

In this podcast episode Jason explores the why, how and when of investment portfolio rebalancing.

Below are links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Vanguard research on rebalancing

Vanguard – Getting Back On Track. A Guide To Smart Rebalancing

JP Morgan Asset Management – Russell 3000 research – The Agony & Ecstasy The Risks and Rewards Of A Concentrated Stock Position

Morningstar – 5 Ways Rebalancing Can Benefit Your Retirement Plan

Morningstar – Is It Time To Rebalance?

William Bernstein – The Rebalancing Bonus

Retirement Researcher – Rebalancing Frequency

Michael Kitces – Finding The Optimal Rebalancing Frequency – Time Horizon vs Tolerance Bands

Michael Kitces – How Rebalancing Usually Reduces Long-Term Returns (But Is Good Risk Management Anyway)

WiserAdvisor – Determining The Optimal Rebalance Frequency

AAII – A Question of (RE) balance