The world has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. The government is printing money at an unbelievable pace. Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day. Taxes are at historical all-time lows and likely to go up. Our national debt is, as I write this, currently more than 17 trillion dollars. Our government has recently bailed out financial institutions, taken over private companies, and has voted for one of the largest overhauls to our healthcare system in our country’s history. The stock market’s volatility is high, and what once appeared to be sage advice has turned into questionable theory. In fact, some people have recently said that “buy and hold” in the new economy should now be titled “buy, hold, and hope.”

But more important than any of these external factors is making sure you have money for your retirement. As the president of a wealth management firm that specializes in retirement, Jason Parker has had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of people and help them on this very important journey into and through retirement.

When he meets with people, they generally share the same five primary concerns:

•   They never want to become a burden to their family either physically or financially.

•   They don’t want to run out of money before they run out of retirement.

•   They want to pay in a legal manner as little in taxes as possible.

•   They want to earn a fair rate of return on their money and outpace inflation with the least amount of volatility in their retirement portfolio.

•   This last concern is probably the biggest one of all. They fear making an irreversible mistake.

While Jason certainly doesn’t plan to fix all of the country’s problems with this book, he does plan on giving you a system for getting the very most out of your retirement and helping you to implement a plan to achieve:

   •   Clarity
   •   Confidence & 
   •   Freedom

Thank you for helping make Sound Retirement Planning an Amazon Best Seller in the category of personal finance.

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