Finding a social security retirement calculator should be an important part of your retirement income plan. Below I review a few of the different online calculators available. As a financial adviser who specializes in retirement, I will also share a link to my favorite free social security calculator.

Social Security Retirement Estimator:
This is an excellent and simple tool developed by the social security administration. If you are simply trying to determine how much your future social security benefits will be then this is probably a good starting place. Learn more by clicking here: Social Security Retirement Estimator offers a Social Security benefit calculator:
While this is actually a pretty good online calculator it is essentially doing the same thing that the Social Security Retirement Estimator does. Learn more by clicking here: Social Security benefit calculator

AARP Social Security Calculator:
AARP has developed a very comprehensive free calculator that is easy to use and very accurate. Learn more by clicking here: AARP Social Security Calculator 

Social Security Timing :    My Favorite
Social Security Timing was developed by Joe Elsasser who is a Certified Financial Planner. This was one of the first tools introduced to help financial advisers help their clients maximize their social security benefits. Social Security Timing has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Morningstar & Investment News among others. The free version of this social security calculator can to help you determine how much is at stake and give you insight into other claiming strategies that are available. They rely on a network of financial professionals if you require a more comprehensive analyses. This is an excellent tool and the one that we rely on to help the people we serve choose the a claiming strategy for their specific situation. Try our free version of this calculator by clicking here: Social Security Timing Calculator

When and how you elect Social Security Retirement income should be done in the context of your overall financial plan. For some people it makes sense to begin benefits as early as possible. For others it makes more sense to wait until age seventy to begin income. For many married couples it may make sense to design a strategy that maximizes social security over two peoples lifetimes.

Below are a few more resources you may find helpful when trying to determine when to start your social security retirement income.

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