I was recently interviewed by Money Magazine’s help desk with a question they had about Social Security Widows benefits. Click here to read the article.  In my book I explain that when you transition from working and accumulating assets to retirement and the distribution of assets, you should consider how you will maximize your cash flow in retirement. A very important decision is when and how to begin taking your Social Security Benefits. As a married couple you not only have to think about your own benefit but you must consider the implications of survivor benefits, spousal benefits and widows benefits. Often the difference for married couples on good social security planning vs bad planning can be an additional $50,000 to $100,000 of income in retirement.

I’ve asked Joe Elsasser who is a certified financial planner to be a guest on my weekly radio show to help our community understand the implications of social security planning. You can listen to our most recent radio interview at www.SoundRetirementRadio.com