I heard a story about Albert Einstein recently. The story goes that Mr. Einstein, while brilliant in many ways, was sometimes a little absentminded. Apparently Mr. Einstein was on a train headed to a conference when the ticket agent came by and asked for his ticket. After searching for several minutes Mr. Einstein could not find his train ticket. The ticket agent, recognizing Mr. Einstein told him not to worry he knew who he was and left him be.

Several minutes later the ticket collector was walking by and saw Mr. Einstein still frantically searching for his ticket. The ticket agent told Mr. Einstein again not to worry about finding the ticket because he knew who he was. Mr. Einstein supposedely replied, “I know who I am, but I do not know where I am going.”

I’ve found that many people know what investments they have, but often times have very little idea about where those investments are taking them. Be sure you have a plan for your retirement and you know where your savings and investments are taking you.