I think its important to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. If someone were to tell me the eggs are rotten, I don’t need to go crack the eggs, make an omelet and find out for myself. Recently, I was reviewing a client’s investments. He had trusted in the advice of a so called investment “guru” and his performance since the inception of his investments was negative. Not only had he not made any money, but he had lost money.

When I asked the client if he thought it would be a good idea to make a change he said, “Well I need to think about it.” Look folks, if the eggs are rotten you don’t need to make an omelet.  It’s time to throw out the bad eggs, and go buy some new ones. Sometimes I’ve found that making a change is harder for some people than eating rotten eggs. What are some of the ways you help yourself overcome the hurdles of change?