In this podcast episode Jason explores the why, how and when of investment portfolio rebalancing.

Below are links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Vanguard research on rebalancing

Vanguard – Getting Back On Track. A Guide To Smart Rebalancing

JP Morgan Asset Management – Russell 3000 research – The Agony & Ecstasy The Risks and Rewards Of A Concentrated Stock Position

Morningstar – 5 Ways Rebalancing Can Benefit Your Retirement Plan

Morningstar – Is It Time To Rebalance?

William Bernstein – The Rebalancing Bonus

Retirement Researcher – Rebalancing Frequency

Michael Kitces – Finding The Optimal Rebalancing Frequency – Time Horizon vs Tolerance Bands

Michael Kitces – How Rebalancing Usually Reduces Long-Term Returns (But Is Good Risk Management Anyway)

WiserAdvisor – Determining The Optimal Rebalance Frequency

AAII – A Question of (RE) balance