In today’s podcast episode I have the good fortune to interview Joe Hancock and Katie Warren who are with HighGround Advisors regarding Donor-Advised funds and charitable giving strategies. We cover a lot of the mechanics of donor advised funds such as how to set one up, how they work, fees associated with them and some of the tax benefits that come along with them.

One interesting aspect we discuss is how donor advised funds can be used as a tool for multi-generational giving and passing on philanthropic values to future generations. This is particularly relevant for families who want to involve their children in charitable giving. We explored various strategies, including bunching or bundling donations together in specific years to enhance itemized donations on your tax return or donating appreciated assets like business interests, mineral interests and real estate.

We also discuss qualified charitable distributions, charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts as alternative ways to support charities while also receiving potential tax benefits.

Throughout the conversation, Joe and Katie share valuable insights and tips for maximizing the impact of your charitable giving through donor advised funds. They also discuss the importance of doing research and due diligence before choosing a donor advised fund provider and why you will want to make sure the donor advised fund you choose aligns with.your values.

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