Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Health Care Costs In Retirement – Fidelity
Need help navigating Medicare? Check out ElderCare Locator
Compare the standard Medigap plans offered in the State of Washington
How much do Medigap plans cost and what do they cover in the State of Washington is a great resource for comparing plans
What is not covered by Medicare Part A & Part B
Learn when to enroll in Medicare
Compare the total costs not just premiums
Need extra help with prescription costs?
Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) Part B Premium Appeals
Estimate Medicare Eligibility and Premiums
How your tax filing status can impact your Medicare Part B premiums
Dealing With HSA Excess Contributions When Enrolling In Medicare Beyond Your Initial Enrollment Period
Medicare Part A Backdating if you enroll after your initial enrollment date
Examples of Medicare Part A being backdated and causing HSA contributions to become excess contributions