In this podcast episode Jason explores the Required Minimum Distributions including:

What is the RMD
What is the RBD
What is the penalty for missing the RMD
What types of accounts have an RMD
When do you have to take the first RMD and subsequent RMD’s
How have the RMD rules changed recently
How do you calculate the RMD
When do people take their RMD’s
We explore the three different distribution tables the IRS has for calculating your RMD and which one you will need to use
We will look at how the RMD changes over time
Why the RMD will be decreasing starting in 2022
How might the RMD change again
What are after tax contributions to an IRA and how are RMD’s impacted?
How to avoid paying taxes on your RMD

Resources And Links Mentioned In This Episode:

IRS – Required Minimum Distributions
IRS – IRA Deduction Limits
IRS – 2021 IRA Deduction Limits Detail
RetirementWatch – After Tax Contributions To An IRA
Kitces – New RMD Life Expectancy Tables
Fidelity – Required Minimum Distributions Overview
Federal Register – Updated Life Expectancy Tables and Distribution Tables for the RMD
Fidelity – Commonly asked questions regarding the RMD’s
Kitces – Still Working RMD Exception to delay RMD from a 401k
401k Specialist Mag – Secure Act 2.0
Investopedia – RMD Rules for beneficiaries
Schwab – Inherited IRA Rules
Fiduciary Trust – Naming A Trust As The Beneficiary Of An IRA
Vanguard – Rules For Inherited IRA

RMD Calculators:

Schwab – What is your RMD
Schwab – Inherited IRA Calculator – Calculate Your RMD
Fidelity – RMD Calculator