In this podcast episode Jason shares a compilation of interviews he has done with the Social Security Administration to explore the best time to start social security. Be sure to watch the video further down this post where Jason teaches you how you can use 2 free Social Security calculators to help you figure out the best time for you to start collecting your Social Security.


* When should you file for your social security retirement benefits.

* What is the best time to file for social security.

* How early can I file for benefits.

* When will your social security check arrive.

* Mortality rates and life expectancy.

* Social security benefits for disabled or minor children.

* The best way to file for social security.

* How a spouse can qualify for medicare based on your earnings record.

* When is the best age to start social security.

* How the COLA’s benefit people who have not started social security.

* How social security works for people who are divorced.

* Why widows may want to consider the restricted application.

* Who is still eligible for the restricted application.

* Why you might consider suspending your benefits.

Here are the links to the calculators referenced in the video: