In Chapter 8, we dive into investing strategies. I spend the first couple of pages of this chapter talking about diversification of your money across time segments, often called buckets. Since the publication of this book I have completed some additional back testing of a bucket strategy using a bucket simulator that one of our RBC community members developed and which you have access to. One of the things I was attempting to do in the buckets backtest was to simplify buckets by spending them sequentially rather than having refill rules. In this chapter I discuss bucket refills but after doing additional research on spending sequentially I don’t think the refill rules are necessary. When you watch the video you will see that this approach of diversification works very well when compared with a 60/40 stock bond mix that is rebalanced each year. At least it works really well in the context of history. As I often remind the people we serve. History is a guide, but past performance is no guarantee of future results. If you are interested in watching the video I will include a link in episode 432 at Sound Retirement so that you can see how a bucket strategy performed and I will also provide some links so that you can do you own bucket backtesting. After the discussion on buckets I get into the art and science of investing and we discuss both strategic asset allocation as well as tactical investment management.

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