I had lunch with one of my favorite clients two weeks ago. During lunch I asked her about having a vision for the future. January is one of my favorite months because I love to set goals for the upcoming year, and although I still believe goals are good, what she had to say has really stuck with me so I thought I would share her words with you.

Keep in mind this client is 90 years old. Her perspective on life always gives me pause and reminds me to reflect on my life. I hope I can be half as wise as she is when I’m her age.
She said. “I try not to think too much about the future. What’s important to me is this moment, this time right now, having lunch with you.”

In my twenties, I trained three days per week in a Japanese martial art called Aikido. My Aikido instructor said it this way, “The past is behind us. The future does not yet exist, but this moment, right now, is a gift, and that is why it is called the present.” What do you think?