I attended my Grandmothers funeral last year, and, at one point, I was talking to friends and family in the corner of the room. A friend of the family said, “life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes.”  I think a chuckle at that moment was a welcome relief for most of us. 

As I talked with relatives, and I listened as they told stories about how my Grandmother took them in, cared for them, and how she brought warmth, love and kindness to her family, I realized everyone remembered how she made them feel. No one spoke about the things she bought, the car she drove, the house she lived in nor the stuff she had accumulated. It was an important lesson for me to remember that people remember how you make them feel. Our time is too precious to waste in the pursuit of accumulating and/or giving more STUFF.  What do you think?