This is a special announcement for our podcast listeners.

Thank you for purchasing my book and for writing a review on Amazon.  It is your ongoing encouragement that keeps me motivated to continue to create content that I believe will help you prepare for and transition through retirement.  Below are a few more updates I’d like you to know about.

1.) We are temporarily reducing the price of the eBook for Sound Retirement Planning to just .99 cents.  If you have not yet picked up a copy be sure to get a copy of the eBook before the price goes back up.  My eBook is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & iTunes.

2.) I have a book signing coming up on Saturday August 23rd at 3pm at the Barnes & Noble in Silverdale.  If you own a copy of my book bring it by and I’ll sign it for you.  We will be giving the first 50 people a special gift card to have a cup of coffee on us so be sure to get there early.

3.) This year we created a Facebook page to better connect with our audience.  Hundreds of people have already connected with us.  Thank you.  I’d love to hear from you on which topics you are interested in learning more about and what we can do to provide you with better information.  If  you have not yet connected with us please consider doing so at