I remember as a kid driving in my parents Buick. We had windows you had to manually operate.

As the car aged the windows got harder and harder to crank up and down. I remember at one point having to use both hands to crank on the handle just to get the window rolled up. I swear it was cranking on those windows that gave me the amazing biceps I have today (wink).

Today’s car windows have these fancy little buttons you push and the windows just go up and down with ease.  I have to say I think the new technology is much better. Now one obvious disadvantage to the new and improved windows is that  my children will never develop the amazing upper body strength I have.

But it makes me think. I meet a lot of people who are still investing their money the same way they were back in the 1980s when we had manual windows in our cars. Things have changed a lot since then and, frankly, things have gotten much better then they were back then.

If there was a better, more efficient, smarter way, would you want to know about it? And if so would you want to use it?