Do you currently receive Social Security benefits? Are you planning to relocate? If so, take the time update your address with the Social Security Administration as soon as possible. It’s a high priority task that is your responsibility. Thankfully, it’s easy to update your address in just a few minutes on the Social Security Administration’s website,

Here’s a three-step guide to updating your contact information.

Step 1: Create an account at my Social Security

Before you can update your address, you must create an online account with the Social Security Administration. To do this, follow this link to

You’ll come to a landing page that gives you a few options. If you’ve created an account in the past, click Sign In/Sign Up in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Otherwise select the large blue button that says “Sign In or Create Account”

Select the “Sign In or Create an Account” Button

Once you select that button, you’ll go through a four step process.

Account step one: Verify your identity

The first step in creating a my Social Security Account is verifying your identity. You’ll need to fill out your name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Home Address.

Once you complete this section, you’ll select the blue “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Fill out your personal information.

Account step two: Verify your identity

By selecting next, you’ll move to the identity security screen. This is where the Social Security Administration will quiz you on questions related to your past employment, address, or loan history.

Since the questions are multiple choice, it should be easy for you to answer them correctly.

You’ll need to answer questions about your past employment or loan history.

Account step three: Create username and password

Once you verify your identity, you’ll create a username and password. It’s important to note that the passwords need to be at least 8 characters, have an uppercase and lowercase letter, a number, a symbol and must begin with a letter or number.

I recommend writing down the password or storing it in a password manager. You’ll need the password again if you have to update your address or direct deposit account in the future.

Create your user name and password using my Social Security’s requirements.

At this step in the process, you’ll also be asked to create three security questions. If you forget your password, you can use these questions to reset your password.

Account step four: Secure your account

This last step may be a little confusing. My Social Security requires users to use “multi-factor” authentication. This means that every time you log into your my Social Security account, the Social Security Administration will send you an email or text message with a verification code. The verification code is a multi-digit number that can be used for 10 minutes.

If you always have your phone on hand, I recommend using the text message route. Otherwise, provide the email address that you use most frequently.

Once this step is complete, you can log into your new my Social Security account.

Step 2: Navigate to “My Profile”

The my Social Security Account is your online hub for Social Security information. You can use this account to accomplish many social security related tasks, including updating your address.

Over to the right hand side, you’ll see “Overview” followed by multiple options including Estimated Benefits, Earning Records, and Replacement Documents. If you’re currently eligible to receive social security benefits, you’ll have the option to select “My Profile”.

The image below has been edited to show where you can expect to see this option.

Select “My Profile”, and you’ll move to the profile screen.

Select My Profile on the Right Hand Side

Step 3: Update your address

The profile section of your account gives you the option to update all your information. This includes your contact information and your direct deposit information.

About midway down the page, you’ll see the address that the social security administration has on record for you. You’ll also see a button labeled “Update Contact Information.” Click this button to move onto a screen where you’ll get to update your address.

This screen will allow you to update your mailing address (which is critical for receiving information from the Social Security Administration). If your new mailing address is also your residence, select the box below the mailing address.

Finally, use the buttons below the address to say when the address change will take effect. If you’ve already moved, simply select Today.

From there, you’ll review the information, and if it is correct you can submit it. Once you click submit, the Social Security Administration will update your address.

Other options for updating your address

The option to change your address using my Social Security is available for people receiving retirement, survivor or disability benefits. If you receive Supplemental Security Income, you’ll need to use one of the other options outlined below. These options for change of address are available for anyone who receives any type of Social Security benefit.

Instead of updating your address through a my Social Security account, you can call the Social Security administration at 1-800-772-1223. This option is available on Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM. You also have the option of visiting your local Social Security office in person.

Don’t wait- Update today!

Updating your address only takes a few minutes, so go ahead and do it today.